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If you want to learn how to use the internet or teach someone else how to, perhaps you wish to search for some of the following:

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if so, please do look through our site or get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you with any information we have.

One major worry for people who are new to using the internet is that of fraud and online crime. Fraud is when deception is used to gain a dishonest benefit, which is often economic, over another person.

There are lots of words used to describe fraud: extortion, hoax, sham, double-cross, scam, con, swindle, hoodwink, confidence trick, cheat, ploy, ruse. These are just some of the words you might hear in a discussion about fraud.

Fraud can be committed against people or companies. Use your spam filter: If you fear a phishing email, highlight the message as spam and delete it. This makes sure that the message cannot get to your inbox in future. 

Welcome to Internet training

One of the great things about passing on the gift of using the internet is how much that person can gain from it. You don’t just have to be old or technophobic, some people lack the confidence to believe they can actually use the internet.

There is so much that we do on the internet. In training sessions we can teach you how utilise your newly made social media and reply to any questions that may arise from them. We will also offer you practical consultation on how to promote yourself online, raise the awareness of your image and how to use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to encourage your online presence.

Our training sessions help you with your confidence, allowing you to be trained on a one to one basis or collaboratively with friends of yours in a group setting.

We also run regular social media workshops which are a perfect opportunity to get to grips with the tricky world of social media in a group setting.

All our social media training packages include:
• We will actively defend your online profiles by staying in charge of what people say about you online
• We will help your ready made online potential clients by getting your brand in front of them.
• We will encourage your website’s search engine optimisation which will as a result increase your presence in search engine results.
• We will increase the profile of your business and broaden clear channels of communication in order to establish loyalty

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